In the fast pace of today’s digital age, the personal touch of a Christmas card with a message of our Savior can help us thoughtfully share the true meaning of the season. This time of year we have an amazing opportunity to reach out with love to ward members, neighbors, family, and friends.

Our Christmas cards are a perfect way to invite to ward parties, activities, Sunday worship services, and to help spread the word of our Savior. As you browse through our catalog you will find beautiful images, designs, and inspiring messages.

Our hope is that your Christmas holiday will be filled with the light of Christ for you and yours.


Our Story

Ramah Christmas originated in 1976.

The name Ramah is the Jaredite name for the Hill Cumorah.

It was only referred to by this name once in the Book of Mormon in Ether 15:11.

Every card has a option for a scripture inside and a message of love for the Savior.

Our purpose has been to bring the Spirit of Christ into the Christmas Season and into the homes of everyone.

The message of the light of Christ can reach out to families and loved ones all around the world with just a simple Christmas Card.